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    CPHI WORLD Will be held at 24 - 26 October 2017 Messe Frankfurt, Germany

    2017-03-07 14:27:35

    CPhI Worldwide, together with co-located events ICSE, InnoPack, P-MEC and FDF, hosts more than 36,000 visiting pharma professionals over three days. 2,500+ exhibitors from 150+ countries gather at the event to network and take advantage of more than 100 free industry seminars. Every sector of the pharmaceutical market is represented under one roof, this year in a new location in Barcelona. Attending CPhI Worldwide is the most cost effective way to establish new business relationships, meet with global partners and stay updated on the latest industry trends.

    The exhibition showcases cover the whole spectrum of pharmaceutical manufacturing and ingredients sourcing, offering products and services that cover the entire supply chain.

    CPhI Worldwide: for pharmaceutical ingredients 
    ICSE: for outsourcing solution providers, contract manufacturing and services
    InnoPack: for pharmaceutical packaging and drug delivery systems
    P-MEC: for pharmaceutical machinery, technology and equipment
    Finished Dosage Formulation: for every aspect of the finished dosage supply chain 


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