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        CPHI CHINA will be held in June 20-22,2017, Shanghai

        2017-03-07 11:24:30

        CPhI China is the most comprehensive pure pharma focused event for domestic and international pharmaceutical companies in Asia.

        Over 35,000 pharma professionals from more than 120 countries around the world gather for a host of events that cover all aspects of the pharmaceutical supply chain.

        Co-located with ICSE, Innopack, P-Mec, NEX, FDF, P-Logi, EP & Clean Tech, BioPh and Lab World CPhI China provides you with the opportunities to meet, network, do business, share ideas and shape the future of the Chinese pharmaceutical industry.

        China is the world’s largest producer of pharma ingredients and the world’s second largest pharma market. China’s population growth and increasing medical needs make it the world’s biggest producer and exporter of pharmaceutical ingredients. Covering 40% of global APIs production, the Chinese pharma market has huge opportunities for growth.


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